About Me


I am a 30 something year old accountant by day who lives for the nights where I can write and take pictures. And oh, I live in Ottawa, Canada, the land of grizzly bears, maple syrup and a WHOLE lot of snow. My husband and I have a 6 year old spawn and we are trying our best to keep her alive and uncrazy.

I won’t tell you how to parent. I won’t tell you breast is best, or hee haw at helicopter parenting or tell you which gadgets will best prevent you from accidentally setting your kid on fire. Because I don’t know these answers myself, but I’d like to figure them out as we go along. I do promise to make you ask questions, ponder, grin or smirk once in a while as you read along.

And oh, there is a 65 year old woman, with frazzled hair, a hoarse-from-smoking voice, and a snarky sense of humor who lives inside me. This is the only place she’s allowed to come out. Come and have a cup of tea with her (not too close though, her crazy cat doesn’t like strangers).