10 Tips to Survive Social Distancing

Week two of quarantine/social distancing begins today. And I am here you to help you become the best version of yourself while stuck in your anthill. You’re welcome.

Practice these, keep them close to your heart, and may they allow you to become simultaneously less restless, and less productive.

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Quality Time in Quarantine

For the old readers, welcome back. It’s been a while. Come have a seat on this old couch which I just Lysol-wiped. Have a cup of coffee with me, just sit six feet away. Listen to my ramblings as I have nowhere to go and nowhere to be but home, and chances are, so do you.

For the new readers, join the ride. I don’t know how long I am back for, but I promise to provide absolutely useless and meaningless content while I stay.

Week 1 of quarantine ended yesterday. It was a success as I did not end my husband or my six-year old.

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